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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

BaggieAggietoo: Blog feature and interview!

Padded and lined handmade Kindle sleeves by BaggieAggie in Wales, UK.
I'm thrilled to announce that my interview with the lovely Becky of Red Bird Supplies has been published today on her excellent blog right here. If you can pop over for a quick read, Becky makes gorgeous jewellery, so do make time to check out her shop links while you're there. :)

Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Return to Normal Life and other stuff...

Fabulous fabric Kindle cases by BaggieAggie, handmade in the UK.
It's spring, the weather is glorious; and after a very difficult ten months, life is slowly getting back to normal. OH is back at work full-time, though still having to take time out for two hours of physio each day, and we're almost on top of the gardening. Well, the back garden at least - we're still having to employ a gardener to keep the front tidy, but hopefully for not too much longer. We may even be able to let the cleaner go next month.

The bathroom renovation (after the storm-damaged roof and collapsed bathroom ceiling episode) will be on hold for a while. We'd planned to get it done late last autumn, but the need for OH to have a second operation has meant a temporary delay.

Despite all the catching up we've had to do, I've somehow managed to make and launch a range of Kindle cases. All in gorgeous fabrics, like the example pictured here, and all padded and fully lined. Available on my website, so do take a peek and let me know what you think. :)