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Monday, 29 November 2010

Crafting and Pricing - how do you get it right...?

Purple fabric phone case with flap and velcro fastening, handmade in Wales UK.
As promised, Phone Pockets will now begin to appear in my shops, and this fab purple one is available at Folksy now.

As so many crafters find, pricing in the hours taken to make an item is rarely a viable option. If we did, we'd never sell a thing! So I think I've priced this competitively, but I'd be interested to hear your views. :-)


  1. I struggle with this one too - with hand knits if you charged by the hour then it would be way too expensive. I try and aim for lower mid range, because I want people to be able to afford my makes. But I do wonder if it puts people off, thinking the quality is low. I think your pricing is pretty much spot on :-)

  2. I most certainly do not think your price is high, infact I thought your card wallets were amazing both in quality and costs. I live 4,000kms form you and everything was spot always thank you x

  3. Totally agree with Pauline. The card wallets are great and excellent quality. I would have paid more. I have heard lots of times from customers that if they think the price is too low they will assume that it's bad quality. They want to buy something that will last.

  4. It's the same with writing books, Aggie. I couldn't begin to assess the hours I spend - not on the writing, but on thinking, planning, plotting and researching before I even start to write. The actual writing is a small part of it. And how do you value your creativity with what you do? You can't. But isn't it fun?