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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Owls and Phones...

Owls fabric phone case, handmade in Wales, UK. Padded and fully lined.
My Owls card wallet has been so popular, I decided to add an Owls phone holder to my Folksy shop. It sold so quickly, I've now added another. It will fit most phones, including the latest iPhone.

It's fully padded and lined, and fastens with double-stitched velcro to keep precious phones secure. All seams are hidden.

If owls aren't your thing, other phone pockets are available and, as always, custom orders most welcome. :)

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

OH has his second operation...

For those who don't know, OH had an accident in June and severed a tendon in his forearm. Unfortunately, though the tendon knitted together after the initial op, it stretched, leaving him with two bent (and therefore useless) fingers. The trauma also caused some further tendon and pain issues in his wrist and the palm of his hand. Physiotherapy didn't help and was suspended. The hand surgeon he subsequently saw said the reason for the tendon stretching was due to the site of the injury - very close to the point where the tendon joins muscle. He felt that performing the same operation would almost certainly have the same result, and decided to operate on the hand and wrist instead.

That operation finally took place yesterday, and OH is yet again in a plaster cast, this time from elbow to fingertips. He's been warned that the operation site is extremely delicate and he must take extra care not to knock it, etc. This means no work of any kind for at least 6 weeks, more likely 8+. His employer to date has been less than sympathetic, and, after the first operation, forced him back to work before he was ready with the threat of the sack, much to the disgust of the Union, GP and surgeon.

So quite what will happen this time, we dread to think...