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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Old-fashioned phones - I love them!

Handmade fabric phone case, padded and fully lined. In pink and green for women and girls.I love old-fashioned phones, and own a fab refurbished 60s dial-phone. So imagine my delight when I found this fabric.
I just had to make a phone case with it. How could I not? As you can see, it features a variety of phones, and phone-speak script, so it's really apt!

All my Phone Pockets are interfaced, fleece-interlined, and lined. (This particular one is lined in a yummy candyfloss pink.) They fit most phones, but custom orders are very welcome. :)


  1. Great fabric and I agree, I like old-fashioned phones too; some of them are a real work of art.

    I am currently looking for one of the first 'brick' type mobile phones, think they look fab!


  2. Absolutely perfect for your phone cases I agree.

  3. They're fabby! I love the bright, zingy colours and the old telephone image is great!