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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Chocolate cures everything...

Quirky Limited Edition fabric Kindle sleeve.

... and no, your bum is NOT big, lol!
I love this fabric, and have already sold two Kindle cases made with it.  As you can see, fun and funky Girl Stuff! is definitely one for the girls!  This quirky Kindle sleeve was relisted in my website shop yesterday, and, as I only bought a small amount of this fabric and it's no longer available, Girl Stuff! is a Limited Edition.
Cool ladies' handmade Kindle case with a difference! 
Fun and funky Limited Edition Kindle case for women.


  1. Great fun - don't own a kindle yet - love the carmen one too. Very very smart.

  2. Lovely fabric! I love the "your butt's not big" quote! Haha!


  3. Me too, lol! Thanks for stopping by, Danni. :)

    Rosie. x