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Sunday, 18 November 2012

No-one wants an ELEPHANT treading on their Kindle...

Quirky Handmade Fabric 'Elephants' eReader / Tablet Sleeve,Kindle,Kobo,iPad Mini,Nexus 7,Galaxy Tab,Blackberry Playbook,red,navy blue,natural,UK.
 ... or any other eReader or tablet, for that matter!  Well, you'd think so, wouldn't you, but you'd be wrong, because I recently received a request from a client for an elephant-themed case for a Blackberry Playbook.  The brief was that it had to be quirky, and not girly. After hunting down a few 'elephant' fabrics, this fabulous cotton canvas in red, navy blue and natural was chosen.

As I had plenty of fabric left over, I thought I'd offer an 'Elephants' sleeve on my website, as handmade to order for other eReaders and tablets, not just the Blackberry Playbook. I almost immediately received an order for a case to fit the Kindle 4 (the keyboardless, smallest model), which just goes to show that elephants and expensive gadgets do mix after all!

If you're an elephant fan too, this gadget case (and many others) can be made to order for the Kobo Touch, Nexus 7, iPad Mini, 7" Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook, and various Kindles (simply select your eReader or tablet from the dropdown menu).  Give someone you love a quality Christmas gift that's just a little bit different. :)

* CHRISTMAS 2012 - Final order dates for made-to-order items:
UK - 5th December
EU - 1st December
US/Canada/Australia - 26th November


  1. It looks fab! And I still have my gorgeous card holder you made and sent all the way down here. Hope all is great with you. xx

  2. Thank you, Pauline, and lovely to hear from you! :D xx

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