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Monday, 5 July 2010

Keywords - learning curve or glitch...?

I googled 'handmade shoulder bags' this morning, and was happy to see, on Page 2, a Folksy link containing eleven pages of said items. However, I was not so happy to find that my shoulder bags weren't on any of these eleven Folksy pages - despite the fact that all three words were in my keyword lists.

So I did some investigation and experimentation and eventually found where the problem lay - I'd separated each keyword with a comma as instructed while listing, ie. handmade,shoulder,bag. Big mistake, as it seems that certain words, like 'handmade', can stand alone, but 'bag' and 'shoulder' can't - the two words must be separated by a space, ie. turned into a keyphrase. Now I've done that, my shoulder bags appear on those eleven Folksy pages. (Oh, and I've added the single word 'bag' as well as 'shoulder bag' - just to make sure I've covered all angles!)

This seems utterly bizarre to me. Is it a Folksy glitch, or just another example of my ongoing struggle with all things webby...?!?


  1. Not sure about that but I had a couple of Google hits on the CraftsforCharity directory this week for search 'handcrafted bags wales' since the directory is only 6 weeks old that is pretty good going!...also shows you how important it is to get the wording right whenever anybody markets their products.

    Mick x

  2. Hi Mick!

    Hope you had a good weekend.

    I've got as far as looking at the pie-chart on GA - must work out how to get those in-depth results!


  3. Ooh thank you for this! I have scratched my head on many occasion wondering why certain bags came up and others didn't. Again I had taken folksy advice and separated by a comma. Will change mine when have a spare hour or two, lol! Elissa x

  4. Weird. Someone kindly left a message for me, which I duly published, and publication was confirmed - but it's vanished!

    So if you pop back, lovely reader and commenter, please would you try again...? Thanks in advance! x

  5. Glad to have helped, Elissa! x

    Sorry for the late response, btw, but your comment appeared long after my last one - Google must be on a go-slow!