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Friday, 6 August 2010

Fast Fiction Friday 6

This week's tale is Better Than Chocolate. An early version was published in Scribble magazine a few years ago, not long after I'd found the courage to show my own scribbles to the world for the first time. Rather longer than my usual FFFs, but a light-hearted easy read that should (hopefully!) give you a laugh on this wet and grey Friday.

Removed on Sunday to save on blog space. If anyone fancies a read, ask via the comments box and I'll put it up again. Alternatively, check out FFF 5 in the archive. :-)


  1. Awww, just fab. I have to stop giggling so I can type! Always love the twists at the end. Definitely a good read to lighten a grey day :)
    Melissa xx

  2. I loved reading this and it makes me want to read more stories involving Shiela.