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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Snoozy poozy finds new bed...!

There's no hope for my pussycat. I went downstairs last night to make a cup of tea, went back up to continue working on my blog, and there she was, fast asleep on my laptop's keyboard.  The wrist pad she normally stretches out on (while I'm trying to work!) is apparently no longer comfy enough.

Crazy cat fast asleep on laptop keyboard.

But why am I surprised.  The gorgeous cat basket I spent days knitting and felting with much love was made redundant long ago!


  1. Aaah, it's a nice warm place to be! My cat just walks across my laptop keys, even if I'm working on something!

  2. Typical animal - beautiful cat and looks so comfy - why move

  3. Yes, cats love to make beds in the oddest of places - it's probably quite warm on there!
    My cat likes to sleep on top of my plastic greenhouse - he broke the first one!

  4. I also have a kitty that likes to do this. I think it's because it's a warm place to be.
    Not so good when they leave their hair all over the keys though. But it's so difficult to disturb them when they look so deep in sleep.

  5. Aaah, that is funny. My cat's favorite bed is in a square basket inside my wardrobe. It used to contain handbags, but I had to move them all out and put a blanket in instead, because he was determined, and all my favorite handbags were getting covered in cat fur and the bits of dirt he likes to pull out of his paws and spit. Nice :-)

  6. I love that cats can flop down on the most awkward surfaces! I was sorting loads of beads once and my cat came and lay down on top of them, it couldn't have been comfy!

    Debbie x