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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What NOT to wear on holiday!

There's not a lot I need to say about these hilarious examples of men and women's beachwear - the photos do the talking!

Tasteless bikini - nuts?!Tasteless and hilarious men's beachwear pouch in fluorescent green!
If you're travelling abroad on holiday this year, I'm sure whatever you choose to wear will be a zillion times more tasteful, lol!
And don't forget to dress up your passports too.  I'm offering several handmade passport covers in a variety of fabrics, including these:

Gorgeous ladies' passport cover in mouth-watering tropical colours.
 Fabric passport cover in zingy tropical shades.

The perfect passport cover for travellers to China, Japan, Far East.
 'Willow Pattern' passport cover for travellers to the Far East.

Pretty ladies' passport wallet in a contemporary floral fabric in pink and green.
'Pink Flower' passport holder.

If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, do contact me as I welcome custom orders (though not, I hasten to add, for beachwear!).


  1. These made me giggle, mmmm I din't think I'll be getting either of those outfits.... I don't suit green!!!!

    Jan x

  2. Oh dear and I thought I looked bad in swimwear! Those passport covers are beautiful.

  3. I definitely wouldn't be seen dead in either of those! You wouldn't let me anyway!

  4. haha! This bog post certainly caught my eye! Great idea for the passport covers :)


  5. Great to hear from you, Mick! Glad I gave you a laugh. :)

    Rosie. x